Before and After

Posted by Jaime Mayo // January 13, 2017

One of the most fun aspects of rehabbing a house is just what we all enjoy observing on channels like HGTV.  We take a house that is old, run down, or not cared for, and turn it into a beautiful home for someone to live in. The improvements are a delight to behold! Even though […]

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Rehab Time…

Posted by Jaime Mayo // October 12, 2016

When it is Rehab Time for a property, I tend to look at the systems we have to put in place, much like I would deal with a puzzle. All the pieces will need to fit exactly where they belong in order for the project to be complete. Few people can go through the process […]

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Still Busy

Posted by Jaime Mayo // September 1, 2016

Although my blog has been silent, publicly, for four months, we are STILL BUSY. Looking back, our calendar shows daily busy-ness at growing our business. I have a genuine appreciation for what goes on behind-the-scenes of businesses. One just doesn’t even think about that until it is experienced. Productivity is very important, but the measuring […]

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A Successful Open House

Posted by Jaime Mayo // April 15, 2016

A successful open house can be defined in different ways. Ours was successful because we had a houseful of people looking at the property we have for sale. It was also a hit because we received 2 written offers, and we accepted one. Therefore, we are in escrow…now, that is a successful open house! The […]

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Imagine New Appliances and Countertops!

Posted by Jaime Mayo // March 29, 2016

Imagine new appliances and countertops in the kitchen in your next home! You do not have to buy a recently built, cookie-cutter tract home to make that dream a reality! We have a beautifully renovated 1940s home to sell now that will give you a dream kitchen of new appliances and marble countertops. In fact […]

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Memories Left Behind

Posted by Jaime Mayo // March 17, 2016

An empty house reveals glimpses of Memories Left Behind by the previous occupant. A wall where the paint has aged enough for me to see where frames once hung moved me enough to photograph it. Someone had admired what was hung there. They meant something. And now the person and the frames are gone, leaving […]

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Give Me A Break!

Posted by Jaime Mayo // February 10, 2016

“Give me a break!” Better watch out what you wish for! I was hoping for my life to slow down around the November and December holidays, and it did. I acquired the break I did not want in getting a break from a hectic lifestyle. Literally! I broke my arm, which also required surgery to […]

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Happy 2016!

Posted by Jaime Mayo // January 13, 2016

A new year is upon us! Isn’t it great that we can make ourselves believe, if only for a day or two, that the new year will usher in prosperity, positive changes, and the ability to let go of the negatives from the previous year! From what can be seen on TV of celebrations in […]

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Clouds and Real Estate

Posted by Jaime Mayo // December 3, 2015

Clouds and Real Estate can correlate. Really. In California, clouds are a sign that it just might rain after all. That is GREAT news for most of us in California! It doesn’t always rain when clouds appear; yet even with no rain, clouds will bring cooler temperatures in our desert-like environment. Because we are in […]

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Friday Funny

Posted by Ralph Mayo // November 20, 2015

I think we have some work to do!

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